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The Fiddler


Perchik: Money is the world’s curse. Tevye: May the Lord smite me with it. And may I never recover.

—Fidler on the Roof, Dir. Norman Jewison 1971


The Fiddler Detail
Detail of the Fiddler showing the effects that layers with color burn have on those underneath.

No one forbade digital submissions, but I’m reluctant since most artists are submitting traditional  pieces. But “life happens”, so I’m presenting a more finalized comp. This piece experiments with “found objects” (there are a lot of things available in the public domain, including U.S. Currency—somewhat unsettling considering). For those who know photoshop, this image employs extensive use of layers set to color burn.

Digital art itself has pros and cons. Right now, my interaction with the art work is limited by screen size/resolution and any tactile sense is strictly through the wacom tablet I’m using (this one is due a resurfacing). The dynamic is therefore drastically different from traditional artwork making it very difficult to switch between the two as the acclimation to one will always interfere with the other.

However, the digital medium does allow a lot of quick experiments before committing to a final piece without the worry of added expense of tiny mock ups. It also eliminates physical constraints like drying time (and the potential to permanently stain a carpet or two). Also, for any near sighted people out there, you can zoom in on your piece and not fret about wearing reading glasses or using magnifiers.

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