Each image in the calendar links to a project completed for the #30paintingsin30days challenge. As I have time, I’ll try to post links to paintings other artists have completed that day in hopes this project will be an interesting journey for anyone who happens upon this page.

About the Challenge:

I’m one of a few hundred artists participating in Leslie Seita’s “Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days” challenge. The goal is to finish one painting in a day for 30 days with a 48 hour window left for anyone who doesn’t quite complete theirs on any particular day. Yes, we’re allowed to start ahead of time.

About the Theme:

It’s a way of connecting everything with cheese. You can read the long winded explanation about the Unified Cheese Theory theme here.


blankblankblankblank1st Mouse2nd mousethird mouse
fourth mousefifth mouse6th mouseseventh mouseeighth mouseninth mousemouse 10
11th mouse12th mouse13th mouse14th mouse151617
18th Mouse19th MouseMouse 2021st Mouse23rd Mouse24th Mouse
25th Mouse
26th Mouse
30th Mouse
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