Test Render: Griffin

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Expectation postponed makes the heart sick, But a desire realized is a tree of life.

I did an entire test render of the Mechanical Griffin before realizing I forgot his tail. And the tethers are clunky. Sigh. Time to switch gears.

Meanwhile, a quick visit to Vue’s render cow (really—that’s what they call it) reveals…

Ugh… exceptionally slow. I mean in a it-shouldn’t-be-taking-so-long kind of  way. The panel tells the whole story.

The next step will take a year at this rate. Something is very wrong. When I checked, the mesh count  was over two million—that number should be a lot less given my models are fairly primitive. I had accidentally imported objects on top of one another and should have caught that from the start. Why programmers make the panel type so small?

After sorting that out and realizing the next rendering session was still going to take about as long,  I started stripping textures to see if one of them was an issue. The culprit? The fish scales. No matter how I sized or placed them, E-on Vue took forever. This time it was due to a corruption in the scene file itself. The texture was probably being placed in a mathematically impossible space and my poor computer was trying it’s best to calculate it. So back to the drawing board. Or sketchbook in this case.  Paper is a good thing.