Test Render: Griffin

I did an entire test render of the Mechanical Griffin before realizing he needed a tail. And the tethers are clunky. Sigh. Time to try another tact.

Meanwhile, a quick visit to Vue’s render cow (really—that’s what they call it) reveals…

Ugh… exceptionally slow. I mean a it-shouldn’t-be-taking-so-long kind of  slow.

The next logarithmic step will reach a year at this rate. Something’s wrong.

I assessed the mesh and decided more than 2 million faces meant there’d been an inadvertent copying of objects or an unnecessarily high number assigned to the subpatch quality (what makes objects smooth and less boxy). Then I started stripping textures to see if one of them was an issue. The culprit? The fish scales. No matter how I sized them or placed them, E-on Vue took forever. So back to the drawing board. Or sketchbook in this case.

Expectation postponed makes the heart sick, But a desire realized is a tree of life.