Day 22 on Day 23: Rain and Sleet Day

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Rain and Sleet Day


Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.

Anthony J. D’Angelo

Renamed Wind and Sleet Day


This piece is a response to the the blustery sleety weather experienced by many parts of the U.S right now. Life being what it is, this week has been less art and more other stuff to the point that studio time is but a memory, and with it planned pieces give way to smaller and more instant little doodles. This image was drawn while waiting for an appointment. I can’t help but imagine little mice grabbing hold of any cocktail umbrella that might be blowing in the wind. I hope it warms up soon. Day 22 of the #30daypaintingchallenge is done for now anyway.

Original Image Submitted for Challenge
Edit: I’ve revised this little guy a bit just to make him clearer and will probably wind up releasing this guy as a digital piece. The image above is how he appeared with this post.

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