RGB Flamingo

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Florida Flamingos would probably follow the laws of additive light theory when painting themselves since their color can be so intense that it’s practically light emitting. This is a nod to digital artists. Photo illustration and digital art using Photoshop and Illustrator with some finishing work done with Topaz lab’s “simplify” filter. Print [...]

Electric Butterflies, Turquoise Edition

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Electric monarch butterflies sporting led lighting fly around metallic flowers. In the word of the strict binary code and solid transistor construction, I find myself more and more constructing what could be considered analog mechanical representations of the organic. This the turquoise edition of the original that had a goldenrod background. Print Available [...]

Mouse Fishing

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Fishermen seem to be eternal optimists—always searching for the perfect bait and looking forward to the opportunity at least even if the catch never happens. Warning before you google, you might not want to know how mouse fishing (don't click if you're squeamish) is a real thing. I can't unlearn its actual definition now, unfortunately. The [...]