Collecting Lawn Chairs Before the Impending Storm

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This somewhat impressionist painting is inspired by two things. One is a house in St. Augustine built before litigation-timid Levitt Town inspired  architecture was the rule. A cross between New England and Florida Beach quiche, this house looked like the most comfortable nest. And if the owner were a bird, it would have to [...]

RGB Flamingo

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Florida Flamingos would probably follow the laws of additive light theory when painting themselves since their color can be so intense that it’s practically light emitting. This is a nod to digital artists. Photo illustration and digital art using Photoshop and Illustrator with some finishing work done with Topaz lab’s “simplify” filter. Print [...]

If Flamingos Ran NASA…

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If Flaminos ran NASA, we'd still be flying shuttles, and they would all be painted PINK! NASA had a serous purpose for the colors they chose, and understandably any deviation from those might give any NASA engineer the creeps, but after years of rendering crisp white shuttles, even in sunset conditions calling for a more [...]

Mouse Fishing

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Fishermen seem to be eternal optimists—always searching for the perfect bait and looking forward to the opportunity at least even if the catch never happens. Warning before you google, you might not want to know how mouse fishing (don't click if you're squeamish) is a real thing. I can't unlearn its actual definition now, unfortunately. The [...]

Easy Listening Streaker Fish among the Sweater Fish

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Carps don't wear sweaters but aren't opposed to donning on a set of 'phones to listen to their easy listening tunes. Sweater fish everywhere are shocked (they're complete prudes, of course). Print Available for Purchase

Sweater Manatee Tribe

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These sweater wearing manatees embody the predicament of every thin blooded Floridian. The inspiration: Every year, Manatees in Tampa attempt to stay warm by huddling against one another in the warm currents of the discharge water from the Big Bend Power Station. Seeing them so close to one another, flippers tucked underneath, inspires thoughts of sweaters and [...]

011000100110000 10111001001101011 (Bark)

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The official name of "Bark" is actually in binary, but most of the time we refer to it in English since it's just…easier. This painting is dedicated to the robotic dogs trend. The dachshund's natural long, low to the floor build makes it less likely to be considered a viable robotic option, but I still [...]

Roscoe, Too

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Roscoe is a less than perfect specimen of Bulldog if measured against AKC standards. The breeder who failed to sell him kept him in a cage, letting him out only twice a day. By the time he was adopted, Roscoe suffered from agoraphobia. This dog story has a happy ending, however. Roscoe’s fully recovered [...]