Day 4: Lord Cheddar

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Lord Cheddar


  • Price:
  • $50
  • Dimensions:
  • 3" W x 4" H
Get ready to groan:

Lord Cheddar has his cheese already, but to discuss amount would be gauche (certainly no gouda).


I have no talent for miniatures but a brace to balance my hand serves as a fulcrum to refine movement and gross motor movements — at least a little, anyway.

I primed the canvas with another layer of Gesso in hopes a smoother surface would be more receptive to detail but the grit in my usual brand prevented that. Perhaps copper would work better (or at least a Gesso with a finer ground).

As far as Lord Cheddar is concerned, he was originally inspired by the illustrations in A Christmas Carol  but his tie, shirt, and specs aren’t true to the period.

I thought he would be the only image of his size for this challenge but Retta Stephenson, another artist  submitting to the challenge, specializes in works on canvases like these. If you haven’t had a chance to look at her work, you can follow the link here. Be prepared to be rewarded with amazing.

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