Day 14: Little Lord Formaggio

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Little Lord Formaggio


… it is better than everything else, that the world should be a little better because a man has lived — even ever so little better, dearest.

Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodgson Burnett


I ‘ve gotten a little better using the brushes I have, but perhaps it’s time to invest in something meant for this kind of work. The brush I’m using now gives me a feeling of using a sledgehammer where a ball ping hammer will do.

Little Lord Formaggio is wearing a late Victorian sailor suit with a hat made of straw rather than the cloth variety many children in sailor suits wore.

The blue tone of the painting is meant to mimic the same found in some photographs that were exposed to tobacco smoke during the development process. This painting is a little too blue to pull that effect off, so I painted the eyes in brown to give it a little twist.

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