Fool’s Mate, Digital Version

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Never play cat and mouse games if you’re a mouse. Don Addis

Every now and again a painting fails, but it hurts when it was so close to being finished—especially when it was caused by letting my attention drift away from the task at hand.

The last step would have been to apply an even layer of matte medium before glazing a tint to the entire piece to give it an antiqued look — but I’d forgotten to apply the medium. The glaze soaked into areas that had a more porous surface while failing to adhere to others. Even this would not have been a disaster had the color not been a staining pigment. Ahhhh! Where’s the undo key? So now the options left to me would be set it aside and decide a good course for repainting the image, or Gesso over and start again. I’m still mulling it over.

However, the idea shouldn’t be a complete loss since it is apropos for feelings felt this March. So in the interim a digital image substitutes using  the underpainting colors found in the original. We’ll see what’s next ?

A brief description of the chess manouvre known as the Fool’s Mate can be found by clicking here.