Cousin Reuben

Day 15 on Day 16: Cousin Reuben

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This fellow is another pass at the previous image. I don’t usually repeat concepts unless they’re studies, and these little canvases seem to be made for this kind of testing.

Things Discovered Through Experimentation:
  • It’s better to wet down the miniature canvases before working on them. If the brushes are sparingly loaded, details can be drawn out—not something to be employed with larger canvases unless a watercolor effect is desired.
  • More colors actually make a more convincing duo-tone at this size. Since mixing on small canvases is restricted, perhaps employing a pointillist/stippling effect would work . The more colors available, the easier it is to render a convincing range of tones. Not my favorite technique.

All in all, these are interesting challenges and a way to make me more confident of tiny detail.

The Whole Family

It gets late early out there.

—Yogi Berra