This post is dedicated to all the talented artists that are in Brevard County Florida. On that note, here are two contests that happened this week. It was my privilege to be juried into one of the two which will run until May 26th. I hope to find a link the winners of the North Brevard Art League to post here too.

By the way, the Foosaner Art Museum does not post prices by the artwork, but please don’t be shy about requesting the price list if you are interested in purchasing anything. The Strawbridge Art League has always offered artwork at approachable prices, and no one will judge you for asking (it’s a lot like window shopping).

There are also a wonderful selection of pieces from the Strawbridge Art League available in the gift shop next door.

And one more mention: thank you to all who made this show possible. It's beautifully planned.

Vision 2019 Winners

Annajo N. Vahle
Best in Show
Lightning and the Light

Ranjana Bacrania
2nd Place
My Land

Susan Martin
3rd Place
The Marriage

Lolly Walton
Brevard Watercolor Society Award
Sweet River

Frances J. Call
Central Brevard Art Association Award
We are the Universe

Becky Beerenson
Fifth Avenue Art Gallery Award

Katherine McElhinny
North Brevard Art League Award
Queen of Everything

Betsy M. Bohmer
Studios of Cocoa Beach Award
Wisconsin View

Merritt Award
Frances Call
Carolyn M. Davis
Nancy Dillen
Jeanette Drake
Therese Fergurson
Rhea Jeferson
Jim Kalupa
Beth King
Andrea McKoy
Kestrel Mchaud
Alex Sankewicz

Heidi Szalkowski Thamert
Best in Show
104 Years of Faith

Oils, Acrylics, Oil Pastel

1st Place
#98 Sheila Wedegis 
“Painted Desert"

2nd Place
#96 Dennis Childs 
“Ebb Tide”

3rd Place 
#100 Terrence Cope 
“Trois Spatules”

Merit  #104 
Wanda Hale
 “Old Friends”


1st Place  #71
 Beth Greenberg 
“Toucan Play II”

2nd Place 
#55  Jeanette Drake
 “Winging It”

3rd Place 
#74 Diane Cannon 
“Orchid Fall”

#80 Sue Tully 
“Field of Poppies”

Mixed Media, Fiber Art & Collage

1st Place
#120 Helen Wheatley 
“Winter Morn”

2nd Place 
 #113 Barbara Burkhardt

3rd Place 
#115 Bonita Ross 
“Doors to the World”

#119 Lyn Adrain 
“3 Roseate Spoonbills”

Photography & Digital Ar

1st Place
#21 Dale Nichols 
“Mystical Mangrove”

2nd Place  
#11 Don Martin 
“Dapper Dan”

3rd Place 
#10 Tim Darnell
“Mercado Jasmine”

#12 Gary Watson 

Sculpture & 3-D Art

1st Place 
#9 Carol Kaufman 

2nd Place
#3 Helen Wheatley 
“A Chorus Line”

3rd Place  
#1 Mindy Colton 
“Nature Dancers”

#5 Frank Gant
“Majestic Mallard”

 Graphite, Pen & Ink, Chalk, Pastels

1st Place 
#40 Connie Allen
“From Dawn to Dusk”

2nd Place 
#43 Paula Phelps
“Touch of Gold”

3rd Place
  #49 Irene Noden
“Falling Waters”

#39 David Dozier
“Ricardo”s Angel”

Special Awards Judges

Artist to Artist  
#111 Tim Darnell

Brevard Watercolor Society
#70 Bonita Ross Tom Jones

Central Brevard Art Assoc 
# 48 Katherine Knapik

Downtown Gallery
#46 Betty Whitmire Ceberbe Joseph

Eau Gallery 
#97 Sheila Wedegis

Fifth Avenue Art Gallery  
#81 Kathie Benson

Strawbridge Art Gallery 
#89 Linda Amundsen

Blick Art Materials 
#24 Andy Sokol

Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff’
#196 Anna Jo Vahle