Balloon Glow with Giraffe and Elephant (Not a Title)

studioCompletely Random


Renée Decator invited me to participate in a group project that was an exercise using assigned objects and a substrate in a style outside of our normal comfort zone. Even though my work wasn’t as experimental as it should have been, it definitely helped clear the cobwebs. Juggling a few ideas, but this one is about the only one worth posting. Pardon the scribbled lines…my poor Wacom’s suffered some kind of failure.

If anyone is interested, Balloon Glow 2020 is coming to Brevard. And yes, I’m quite aware of the hot air balloon trend that ran it’s course through poster images, sculptural knicknacks, and lamps alike. But still, there’s something timeless about them. And there’s always the hilarious impossibility of two large animals (a continuation of my Giraffe universe) trying to cram themselves into an unbelievably tiny vehicle.