About Unified Cheese Theory

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This won’t be the strangest art project ever endeavored, but it has promise to be one of of the cheesiest.

Yes, I’m one of those that has to start a painting challenge early if for nothing more than to give me a chance to refine my theme. Ok. It’s to get a head start because it is always easier easier to explore technique and composition instead of fretting about which subject to choose next.

The concept really has to be strong from the start…not too broad but still not so concrete as to allow no room to maneuver. Leave it to me to be well underway before the idea finally gelled, though. Oh well. Backtracking is part of the process.

At first the theme was mice and everything to do with mice, probable and improbable (a little whimsy to give me a  break in an otherwise solidly concrete subject). But that was before tripping over Unified Cheese Theory, something that turns out to be an internet meme.

This project will explore the idea that everything we do is related to cheese, directly or indirectly—a sort of fromage-style game of five degrees. I’ll explore reward, habits, and goals as cheese, participants as mice, negative outcomes or unfulfilled dreams as mousetraps or cats, etc. And no, this isn’t the same meme that evokes discussions about the spaghetti monster. I don’t believe the original Cheese Theory was ever meant to explore theology. A good cheese might be sharp but never heavy ? Hmm. I should stop now.

You can click this link here to follow the 30 day challenge.

Some of my favorites from the challenge so far are listed below:
Day 15 by Vivian M. Patton
Day 15 by Susan J Silvester
Evening Light on Lake George by Takeyce Walter
Ms Kitty by Christina Haylett
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