Day 28 on day 29: Work in Progress

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Mouse in Takeout Box


Mouse on Umbrella

The beginning of the final layer of fur before being cleaned up. The cocktail umbrella will have less detail, saving the focus for the water and the mice.


These are a few details of work that is still in progress. Hopefully tomorrow will be the day this is image is completed. Maybe the concept was much too complex, or I’m a little tired of drawing mice.

Maybe the real reason is that this piece lacks life. There are artists out there who understand how there’s always that one work (or group of works) that go through a precarious awkward stage in developement before settling into something. The risk is that the piece might never find it’s essence— quite possibly the fate that faces this image. Often I’ll start over in another medium, which means this idea will probably not see the light of day for a long time. At least it will give me a chance to work something in the future should I get stuck with another work.

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