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Artist’s Statement

Istarted my career as a graphic designer and illustrator but gravitated towards fine art as my experimentation in color drifted outside the gamut possible with traditional printing techniques. Early illustration lessons still influences my art as each work has a simple focus and studied use of color and light to direct attention to the subject of the piece.

When painting with acrylic, I believe that the canvas is where the true color mixing begins. The colors on my palette are therefore loosely folded together before being applied. Digital pieces are created using the same principles behind my paintings, even when working with 3d objects (only I define color with lighting and layers instead).

The subject matter itself is often chosen for humor, expressed either as visual irony or lighthearted observation, and as an award winning and internationally collected artist, it is my sincerest hope to that there might be something here that brightens your home or office as well.

Irender fine art with humor and whimsy (most of the time). When working traditionally,  I almost exclusively paint in acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas but have been known to augment occasionally with Prismacolor and india ink. My primary programs are Photoshop, Lightwave, and Eon Vue with a little Illustrator thrown in.  I’m happy to speak process if you want to know more.



8 x 10 in.

  • 1 subject

11 x 14 in.

  • 1 subject

16 x 20 in.

  • 2 subjects

18 x 24 in

  • 2 subjects

24 x 36 in.

  • 2 to 3 subects

The prices are based on the assumption that the canvas is gallery wrapped with the depth of .75″ without any texturing medium applied, but if you have requirements that aren’t specified here, please feel free to contact me.

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