RGB Flamingo

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Florida Flamingos would probably follow the laws of additive light theory when painting themselves since their color can be so intense that it’s practically light emitting. This is a nod to digital artists. Photo illustration and digital art using Photoshop and Illustrator with some finishing work done with Topaz lab’s “simplify” filter. Print [...]

Alien Dirt Bike



Since the event took place on Astronaut Trail, I couldn't help but think of astronauts, aliens, and other spacey things.  But, this t-shirt had been photo illustrated in the past, never veering into the fanciful. What was especially challenging was the requirement that this shirt was to be indexed for a six station (six colors) [...]

Historic Cocoa Village BBQ & Blues


Historic Cocoa Village BBQ and Blues had to raise money for it's 2nd annual event. The challenge: to keep the number of inks used to a palette of three while still presenting a vibrant image. Rather than black outlines, a dark gray was chosen to emulate the tone on tone and faded look that was [...]